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Themenkreis: Zell- und Reproduktionsbiologie

Symposium „Stem Cell Research: A Challenge for Embryology, Regenerative Medicine and Bioethics“
Bonn (Germany), Stiftung caesar, 12 May 2006

Main topics: Upcoming new technologies for (re)contructing embryoids/synthetic embryos using human stem cells, and ethical implications.

Symposium Faculty: Hans-Werner Denker (Essen, Germany), Thomas Heinemann (Bonn, Germany), Hans-Peter Hohn (Essen, Germany), Sören Holm (Cardiff, UK and Oslo, Norway), Ludger Honnefelder (Bonn, Germany), William Hurlbut, (Stanford, USA), Charles J. Kirkpatrick (Mainz, Germany), Janet Rossant, (Toronto, Canada), Hans R. Schöler (Münster, Germany), Davor Solter (Freiburg, Germany), Michael Thie (Bonn, Germany).

Organizers and Chair: H.-W. Denker, H.-P. Hohn, M. Thie (Essen / Bonn)

Press Release: idw Website

Program: PDF-Download (2,26 MB)

Publications derived from this Symposium:

  • (Overview of the conference:)
    Denker, H.-W.: Human embryonic stem cells: The real challenge for research as well as for bioethics is still ahead of us. Cells Tissues Organs 187(4): 250-256 (2008).
    PubMed   PDF-Download (155 KB)
  • Holm, S: ‚New embryos’ – new challenges for the ethics of stem cell research. Cells Tissues Organs 187(4): 257-262 (2008).
    PubMed   Karger

Symposium “Molecular Approaches to Cell-Cell Adhesion“
Essen (Germany), Institut für Anatomie, Universität Duisburg-Essen, 27 Januar 2001

Main Topics: The physiological role of cell-cell adhesion in leukocyte interaction with blood vessel endothelial cells, and in trophoblast interaction with the endometrium at embryo implanation; novel methodological approaches like force spectroscopy.

Symposium Faculty: W. Birchmeier (Berlin, Germany), D. Vestweber (Münster, Germany), B. Imhof (Geneva, Switzerland), A. Wittinghofer (Dortmund, Germany), M. Benoit and H.E. Gaub (München, Germany), J. Aplin (Manchester, UK), J. Wang and D.R. Armant (Detroit, USA), R. Burghardt (College Station, TX, USA), H.-P. Hohn (Essen, Germany), M. Thie (Essen, Germany).

Organizers and Chair: H.-W. Denker, H.-P. Hohn, M. Thie (Essen)

Program (Flyer): PDF-Download (1,07 MB)

Poster Abstracts: PDF-Download (283 KB)

Publications: 7 articles derived from the Symposium are published in:

  • Denker, H.-W. (ed.): Molecular Approaches to Cell-Cell Adhesion: From Leukocyte Extravasation to Embryo Implantation. Basel etc.: S. Karger AG (2002) (=Cells Tissues Organs, Vol. 172, No. 3, pp. 147-254, 2002; ISBN 3-8055-7532-7, ISSN 1422-6405).
    Contents PDF-Download (30,6 KB)   Online Access   Deutsche Nationalbibliothek   Preface

Workshop „Phenotype Conversion and Signaling in Epithelial Cells“
Workshop W1, 23rd Annual Meeting, German Society for Cell Biology, Rostock (Germany), 14-18 March 1999

Main Topics: Gene regulation in EMT, and application of this concept to embryo implantation and tumor cell invasion.

Chair: H.-W. Denker (Essen) and E.D. Hay (Boston)

Workshop Faculty: D. Randall Armant (Detroit, MI, USA), Daniel Carson (Houston, TX, USA), Elizabeth D. Hay (Boston, MA, USA), Bettina Husen (Greifswald, Germany), Don Newgreen (Parkville, Vic, Australia), Ernst Reichmann (Epalinges, Switzerland), Gerhard Witt (Salzburg, Austria).

Flyer: PDF-Download (415 KB)

Program: PDF-Download (83,5 KB)

Abstracts published in:

  • Abstracts, 23. Annual Meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zellbiologie, Rostock, March 14-18, 1999. Europ. J. Cell Biol. 78 (Suppl. 49): 8-9 (=Workshop W1, Abstr. No. 19-24, 123-129) (1999).
    PDF-Download (2,31 MB)

XXIV Annual Meeting of the Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture Study Group (C.T.O.C.) affiliated with the International Union Against Cancer (U.I.C.C.), Heidelberg, 10 – 11 October 1986 (conference held in conjunction with the 34th Meeting of the European Tissue Culture Society, ETCS)

This was the first international conference at which an application of the novel concept of epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) to embryo implantation (endometrial receptivity and trophoblast invasion) was presented and discussed.

Organization: H.-W. Denker and H.-P. Hohn (Aachen)

Program C.T.O.C. Meeting: PDF-Download (2,72 MB)

Abstracts C.T.O.C. Meeting: PDF-Download (4,45 MB)

34th ETCS Meeting Program: PDF-Download (3,15 MB)

Published Abstracts: Abstracts, 34th Meeting of the European Tissue Culture Society (ETCS), Heidelberg, 8-10 October 1986. Europ. J. Cell Biol. 42 (Suppl. 15; ISSN 0724-5130), 43-49 and 68-74 (1986).

Media Coverings (in German): PDF-Download (1,57 MB)

DFG Application and Report (in German): PDF-Download (2,18 MB)

Book Publication:

  • Denker, H.-W. and Aplin, J.D. (eds.):
    Trophoblast Invasion and Endometrial Receptivity. Novel Aspects of the Cell Biology of Embryo Implantation. New York and London: Plenum Medical Book Com. (1990) (=Trophoblast Research, Vol. 4, ISBN 0-306-43520-9). DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4613-0615-3
    SpringerLink   Flyer PDF-Download (20,2 MB)   Google Books

Themenkreis: Neue Medien im Anatomischen Unterricht

Workshop „Anatomie konfrontiert mit neuen Medien“
Pre-Congress-Workshop zur Arbeitstagung der Anatomischen Gesellschaft, Würzburg, 30.09.1998

Organisation und Vorsitz: H.-W. Denker (Essen) und R. Putz (München)

Einladung: PDF-Download (86,1 KB)

Programm: PDF-Download (88,9 KB)

Abstracts published in:

  • Kühnel, W. (Hrsg.): 15. Arbeitstagung der Anatomischen Gesellschaft in Würzburg, 30.09.-02.10.1998. Abstrakts der Vorträge und Poster; Symposium: Anatomie konfrontiert mit neuen Medien. In: Verhandlungen der Anatomischen Gesellschaft 94 (Annals of Anatomy / Anatomischer Anzeiger 181, Suppl.; ISBN 3-437-31089-5): 331-341 (1999).

European Workshop „Multimedia Technology in Medical Training“, RWTH Aachen, 22-23 September 1997

27. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik, 24.-26. September 1997, RWTH Aachen, Workshop 10

General Chairmanship: H.-W. Denker (Essen), M. Jarke (Aachen), D. Graf v. Keyserlingk (Aachen), O. Spaniol (Aachen), K. Spitzer (Aachen)

Programme Chairs: M. Fathi (Dortmund), H.P. Hohn (Essen)

Program: PDF-Download (784 KB)


  • Baumeister, M.; Hohn, H.P.; Sklorz, S.; Tresp, C. (eds.): Multimedia Technology in Medical Training. Paper and Poster Description Proceedings of the European Workshop, RWTH Aachen, September the 22nd-23rd, 1997. Aachen: Verlag der Augustinus Buchhandlung (1997) (= Aachener Beiträge zur Informatik, Vol. 20; ISBN 3-86073-476-8).
    RWTH Publications   Table of Contents

Workshop „Computermedien in der Anatomie“
Pre-Congress Workshop zur 13. Arbeitstagung der Anatomischen Gesellschaft, Würzburg, 02.10.1996

Organisation und Vorsitz: H.-P. Hohn und H.-W. Denker (Essen)

Programm und Abstracts: PDF-Download (902 KB)

Publikation der Abstracts:

  • Kühnel, W. (Hrsg.): 13. Arbeitstagung der Anatomischen Gesellschaft in Würzburg, 02.-04.10.1996. Abstrakts der Vorträge und Poster. In: Verhandlungen der Anatomischen Gesellschaft 92 (Annals of Anatomy / Anatomischer Anzeiger 179, Suppl.; ISBN 3-437-31078-X): 201-206 (1997).

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